What challenges are parents facing with distance learning?

All respondents living with one or more children in K-12 who had some remote education in the spring were asked about the challenges they faced with distance learning. Using results from the survey, the research team released a data brief highlighting the frustrations caretakers had with virtual schooling in the 2020-2021 school year. Some of the most common frustrations included student attention problems, low social interaction, and low teacher interaction.

Words that were frequently used by caregivers in open-ended responses.

These open-ended responses will be helpful to determine what terms to search for on social media in order to identify posts discussing homeschooling.

Suggested Citation: Davis-Kean, P., Ryan, R., Singh, L., & Waters, N. (2021). Groundhog day: Homeschooling in the time of COVID-19. MOSAIC Data Brief: August 2021. Measuring Online Social Attitudes and Information Collaborative.

Subgroup team members include Pam Davis-Kean, Rebecca Ryan, and Lisa Singh.